Audiovisual Linguists Meetup/Happy Hour – ONLINE

In the current times, we propose a virtual happy hour! Open your laptop or phone, bring your favorite drink along and chat with us!

About this event

Join us for a relaxed gathering among colleagues from all over the world, where we talk shop (or not!) and share our passion for audiovisual translation and translation in any field.

We will all meet in a private Zoom meeting room, and then split up into smaller groups. Please see the agenda below to have an idea of what to expect.


10 – 10:05 AM: Welcome by the ATA Audiovisual Division’s Administrators and introduction of our special guest organization co-hosting.10:05 – 10:10 AM: Quick update on what we’re working on at the AVD and questions or comments from attendees, if desired.

10:10 – 10:50 AM: Breakout rooms of 6-7 people where you can network with colleagues. We will give prompts for conversation for you to follow (or not!). The breakout rooms are assigned randomly.

10:50 – 11 AM: Back to main room for a wrap-up. Share ideas from breakout rooms and discuss.

We hope the smaller breakout rooms will give everyone the chance to connect and network. Feel free to share your contact details through the Zoom chat to stay in touch with your peers.


You will get a confirmation email from Eventbrite once you register, with the link to access the Zoom meeting and all relevant details. Watch for this Eventbrite confirmation email!