Pitfalls for Court Interpreters in Varieties of Spanish

Pitfalls for Court Interpreters in Varieties of Spanish provides the court interpreter with a very general overview in just 3 hours of the most saliently difficult Spanish lexical regionalisms that may be encountered in a court setting. Unusual Spanish-language dialectal speech sounds will be reviewed and modeled, different idioms and regionalisms will be explored, Spanish-language dialects in which the same word has different and at times opposite meanings will be analyzed, possible in-court misinterpretations due to dialectal variances will be portrayed, and dictionaries of Spanish-language regionalisms and slang will be recommended by the presenter. There will be videos exemplifying Spanish-language dialectal speech.

This workshop is quite useful for the court/deposition interpreter, it is also of very great use to tape transcribers and translators. It is a comprehensive court/legal-interpretation workshop that holds a lot of promise in terms of gaining more knowledge for the conduct of daily legal interpretation activities.

New location: Southeast Pastoral Institute at 7700 SW 56th Street, Miami FL 33155

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May 3, 2015 1:00 PM - May 3, 2015 4:00 PM
Southeast Pastoral Institute
Salón Calasanz
7700 SW 56th Street, Miami FL 33155
Miami, Florida United States
Dianna McCrary