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  1. Which of the following is not a ‘value’.[Points: 1]
  2. In terms of attitude’, people will relate more favorably towards someone with a good attitude and a positive disposition than someone that is efficient but aloof.[Points: 1]
  3. A ‘first impression’ can be made in one’s mind in as little as 1/10 of a second.[Points: 1]
  4. Punctuality is not only professionally important, but can also be considered a:[Points: 1]
  5. One reason it is important to ‘bring out’ our shortcomings to light is to obtain feedback and improve.[Points: 1]
  6. The main ‘tool’ of our trade, which we must take care of and preserve, is:[Points: 1]
  7. Which of the following are hazardous situations for the medial interpreter (select the best answer):[Points: 1]
  8. Under what circumstances should you not go to work.[Points: 1]
  9. 9.[Points: 1]

    If you suddenly find yourself being overly concerned about your own health and wellbeing and thinking of things such as death and torture, you probably are suffering from trauma.

  10. What are your thoughts after having heard the lecture on the interpreter as an ‘integral being’ (professionally speaking).[Points: 1]
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