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  1. 1.[Points: 1]

    The section of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that deal with discrimination is known as VI.

  2. LEP is the acronym for:[Points: 1]
  3. HIPAA is the acronym for:[Points: 1]
  4. ‘Recipient’, in this segment, is understood as a person who receives services.[Points: 1]
  5. ‘Recipient’, in this segment, is understood as an entity that receives federal funds.[Points: 1]
  6. Which of these is a ‘root’ word (mark all that are correct):[Points: 1]
  7. The number, or proportion, of LEP persons in the community.[Points: 1]
  8. The frequency of contact a recipient has, or should have, with the LEP person.[Points: 1]
  9. The nature and importance of the benefit, service, communication, encounter, or information to the LEP person.[Points: 1]
  10. The resources available to the program, along with the cost of providing language assistance.[Points: 1]
  11. Briefly describe how you are protected against discrimination based on limited English proficiency.[Points: 0]
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