Lesson 10 – The Endocrine System

You must first complete Lesson 9 – Useful working models before viewing this Lesson

The main goal of this 40-hour training program is to help the attendee develop his/her skills and competency to take the certification exam for becoming a ‘certified’ medical interpreter.  The course material is more than enough to help the student attain this objective, but also to achieve the necessary level of knowledge to effectively perform the duties of a medical interpreter in the real world.

This program is based on a series of online lectures that can be taken at one’s own pace. At the end of every lecture there is a quiz that will test your knowledge and understanding of the material reviewed. Passing the quiz will allow you to take the following segment. The quizzes are not hard and can be re-set and re-taken as many times as desired. Each lecture, or lesson, has material that you will need to download to review and study.

The total time you will be investing in each lesson (including the lecture, quiz and reviewing the downloads) is approximately 2 hours.

The course is based on an educational platform where the student has constant access to the teacher via messaging. The student is never alone.

Upon completion of this program you will receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ that you can use to comply with the 40-hour pre-requisite for national certification with CCHI.

The cost of the course is $150. To obtain this low price you must first be a member and maintain membership in good standing in the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Florida (ATIF).

If you are not a member at present, please visit https://atifonline.org/membership-information/ to determine if you can satisfy membership requirements.

If you have questions after reading the membership material, you can contact our Membership Chair at membership@atifonline.org.  If you have questions about the ATIF Medical Course, you can contact our Professional Development Chair at courses@atifonline.org.

You can become a member by going to www.atifonline.org.


The syllabus is as follows:

Lesson 1 - Introduction
Lesson 2 – Credentials and Certification
Lesson 3 – Laws and Regulations
Lesson 4 – The Digestive System
Lesson 5 – Ethics and SOP – 1
Lesson 6 – Ethics and SOP – 2
Lesson 7 – Application of Ethics
Lesson 8 – The Skeletal System
Lesson 9 – Useful working models
Lesson 10 – The Endocrine System
Lesson 11 – Review 1-10
Lesson 12 – The Encounter
Lesson 13 – The Respiratory System
Lesson 14 – Modes of Interpreting
Lesson 15 – Note-taking
Lesson 16 – The Reproductive System
Lesson 17 – Strategic Mediation
Lesson 18 – The Circulatory System
Lesson 19 – Cultural Mediation
Lesson 20 – The Muscular System
Lesson 21 – The interpreter and safety


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