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  1. Note taking is a useful memory aid for which of the following types of interpretation:[Points: 1]
  2. The ROZAN method consists of ______ steps.[Points: 1]
  3. In the ROZAN method you write down the ‘idea’ and not the ‘word’.[Points: 1]
  4. To abbreviate you remove the:[Points: 1]
  5. An abbreviated word should preferably be no more than _____ letters long.[Points: 1]
  6. How would you abbreviate the word ‘community’?[Points: 1]
  7. According to the ROZAN method you emphasize a word by;[Points: 1]
  8. The acronym S-V-O stands for: subject, verb and object.[Points: 1]
  9. The page where you take notes is divided vertically in two halves so that you can borrow, or connect, ideas said before.[Points: 1]
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