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  1. What does CHIA stand for?[Points: 1]
  2. How many steps are there in the CHIA model to determine if to intervene or not?[Points: 1]
  3. (1) Carry out the action. (2) Consider alt. solutions. (3) Clarify personal values. (4) Is there a problem? (5) Identify the problem. (6) Evaluate the outcome The order above is WRONG. The proper order should be:[Points: 1]
  4. An ‘alternate solution’ could very well be not to intervene and just interpret.[Points: 1]
  5. One of the steps in the CHIA model for determining intervention is: “Evaluate the outcome and consider what might be done differently next time.” Write why you understand this to be important.[Points: 0]
  6. How many alternatives should you give.[Points: 1]
  7. The “CALL” model refers mainly to what type of interpretation:[Points: 1]
  8. The “C” in the CALL model stands for:[Points: 1]
  9. The interpreter should refuse to interpret consent forms and discharge orders under the CALL model.[Points: 1]
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