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  1. A credential that confers the legal authority to practice a profession. is called:[Points: 1]
  2. LEP is the acronym for:[Points: 1]
  3. HIPAA is the acronym for:[Points: 1]
  4. According to the NCIHC (National Commission for Interpreting in Healthcare) there are nine (9) ethical cannons and 32 (thirty-two) Standards of Procedure.[Points: 1]
  5. There are two (2) that are NOT NCIHC rules of ethics. Select the two:[Points: 1]
  6. The patient is ordered to take medication after every meal. The interpreter knows it’s the month of Ramadan. He brings it up. He is acting according to the basic principle of:[Points: 1]
  7. How many alternatives should you give.[Points: 1]
  8. The “CALL” model refers mainly to what type of interpretation:[Points: 1]
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